FAQ's - Events during the year
Events During the Year

Do you run any fun/social events during the year?

Yes we do! 

For netball – we like to hold events throughout the year; inviting families to a fun club match day where they submit a team of their own made up of family and friends, ‘friendly matches’ for players with various teams around the County and further afield.

For tennis – will like to hold social events for our junior players throughout the year plus fun tournaments where the children get to play against players of a similar age, from our other sessions, giving them some great ‘matchplay’ experience.

For all – We try to put on various other events during the year, which we get advertised on Spond, Instagram and Facebook.

How do we know when we need to sign up for things?

We use ‘Spond’ our communications app to announce a lot of our events and to communicate with players/parents about things they need to know.  We also send our newsletters through ‘mailchimp’ with more general information.  You will be able to gauge an idea of when certain things will require sign up by visiting our calendar, as detailed below.

Can we see what is coming up in the year ahead?

We have produced a calendar of events, this gives everyone an idea of when everything will be happening throughout the year, but will not have specific dates listed, as these are pinned down nearer the time and communicated via ‘Spond’. Of course, the dates listed on the calendar are subject to change, due to availability and matters out of our control, however we will keep everyone up-to-date with any changes to our schedule.


Do I have to attend tournaments and events with my child?

Safeguarding is our priority and as a club we expect a parent or guardian/nominated person to accompany your child to tournaments and events.  Children thrive and grow from the support of parents at these events, however we realise this is not always a possibility, so as long as we know who is responsible for your child, we are happy with that. 

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